5pc Ang Ku Kueh(Coconut; 椰子)【$5.50 w/GST】

  • 5pc Ang Ku Kueh(Coconut; 椰子)【$5.50 w/GST】
S$ 5.14
The skin of the red tortoise cake (Ang Ku Kueh) is made from glutinous rice flour dough, mashed sweet potato, water, food coloring, sugar, oil and wheat starch. Traditionally, fillings for red tortoise cakes are made with the following ingredients: mung bean paste or grounded peanuts, sugar and oil. The fillings are then placed within the dough and the tortoise shell design imprinted on the skin's surface using molds before the red tortoise cakes are steamed over a piece of banana leaf. The banana leaves enable the steam to penetrate the red tortoise cake that is resting on top and exudes a sweet fragrance when steamed.