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Our Company

Q: When was Eastern Rice Dumpling first established? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling is a third-generation business whose recipe has been passed down for about 30 years to date. Mr. Lim Cheng Hwee is currently the managing director that runs Eastern Rice Dumpling.

Q: What is the vision of Eastern Rice Dumpling? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling hopes to continuously improve and innovate to create dumplings that are well appreciated by consumers. This means to improve the processes so that more consistency and quality can be achieved from the dumplings as well as innovation in terms of inventing new products.

Q: What is Eastern Rice Dumpling's biggest asset? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling's biggest assets are their employees as they have been loyal and dedicated to up keeping the tradition 

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Our People

Q: Who are the people behind Eastern Rice Dumpling? 
A: The main person currently behind Eastern Rice Dumpling is Mr. Lim Cheng Hwee who is the Managing Director of Eastern Rice Dumpling. However, it was his grandmother, who was the person responsible for perfecting the Nyonya rice dumpling. The other people are Eastern Rice Dumpling employees who have been loyal and dedicated in their work over the years to build up a reputation for Eastern Rice Dumpling.

Q: Why did Mr. Lim decide to carry on with the family business? 
A: Mr. Lim decided to carry on with the family business because he wanted to keep the rice dumpling tradition alive as well as to allow his current customers and future consumers to taste his grandmother's dumpling recipes. His grandmother's recipes are known in the market and he would like to withhold her reputation.

Our Dumpling

Q: What are the more popular types of dumplings? 
A: The more popular dumplings that customers like are usually the Nyonya Dumplings and the Hokkien Dumplings.

Q: What are the unique features of Eastern Rice Dumpling? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling is a famous traditional dumpling maker who has thirty years of experience in this business. The unique feature lies in the distinct quality and taste of the dumplings that have established the brand reputation.

Q: Does Eastern Rice Dumpling produce any other food products? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling only specializes in rice dumplings. We do sell other products at our stores but other suppliers manufacture them.

Q: Where are Eastern Rice Dumplings made? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumplings are made in the factory at Balestier Road, where tight quality control is observed and they are delivered to all the distribution channels over Singapore.

Q: Are there any special perks of purchasing Eastern Rice Dumplings? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumplings is not only concerned about producing quality and tasty dumplings. Eastern Rice Dumplings provides attractive packages that customers can feel proud of when presenting dumplings to friends and relatives as gifts.

Q: What are the eating conditions of dumplings? 
A: Rice dumplings are best eaten when they are steamed. When dumplings are placed in the refrigerator within 24 hours purchase, they can be kept for up to five days.

Q: Where can we buy Eastern Rice Dumplings? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling is available in 300 Balestier Road as well as major supermarket chain like Carrefour Suntec, Cold Storage (Bugis, Heartland Mall, Centrepoint, Northpoint) and Shop n Save at West Mall. You can also order online.

Q: How much are Eastern Rice Dumplings? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumplings are reasonably priced for the quality and the taste. The price range from S$0.80 for a plain Kee Chang rice dumpling to S$2.00 for a Chili Shrimp Rice dumpling.

Q: Why did Mr. Lim become an engineer and not practice your skill? 
A: The reason why Mr. Lim undertook an engineering course was to educate himself on mechanics and processes so that he could utilize that skill to improve his family process. Presently, Mr. Lim also sponsors projects organized by the polytechnic as he is enthusiastic about sharing his skills and experiences with the younger generation.

The Art of Making Dumpling

Q: How long does it takes to make a rice dumpling? 
A: The whole process of making rice dumplings, from the preparation of the ingredients to the cooking of the dumplings takes eight hours. Five hours is spent soaking the rice in water to ensure the consistency is perfect for dumplings and the other three hours are spent preparing the dumpling.

Q: What are the processes involved in making a dumpling? 
A: The dumpling process is a precise process to ensure that the dumpling is cooked to perfection. The primary processes include, washing the pandan leaves, preparing the ingredients, seasoning the meat, cooking the rice and wrapping the dumplings.

Q: What kinds of ingredients are used for making dumplings? 
A: The primary ingredient to all rice dumplings is the glutinous rice and the pandan leaves. The other ingredients will depend on the type of dumpling and will include meat, beans, coriander, egg yolk, pepper and the five spices.

Q: What is so difficult about making dumplings? 
A: The difficult part about making dumplings is the process of cooking the rice. Adequate water levels are necessary in order to cook the perfect dumpling. If there is inadequate water, the rice will be hard and burnt whilst if there is too much water, the rice will be too soggy. The skills required to wrap dumplings also take much practice to perfect.

Q: How has technology been involved in making dumplings? 
A: Technology has helped improve the efficiency, effectiveness, safety and hygiene of the dumpling making process. Examples of technological processes involved include; (1) Timers are used to control the eight boilers to ensure the consistency is right. (2) Mechanical meat cookers are used to ensure the safety of workers., (3) A multipurpose mixer is used to rinse the rice, as well as add the seasoned meat with additional powders, as manual mixing causes excessive fatigue for his employees.

Q: How does Eastern Rice make sure that the dumplings they sell are fresh? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling works 24 hours, seven days a week to ensure customers can get fresh dumplings at anytime throughout the day.

Q: How long does it take to wrap a dumpling? 
A: Wrapping of dumplings is a skill and the trained employee can wrap 200 pieces of dumplings in approximately one hour. 

Our Customer

Q: Who usually eats Rice Dumplings? 
A: Rice dumpings are not particular to any group of people but are eaten by consumers or almost every age group. Housewives usually purchase the dumplings, which are shared among the family members.
Q: How many customers does Eastern Rice Dumpling currently have? 
A: Over the thirty years, Eastern Rice Dumpling has had a following of many loyal customers. However, Eastern Rice Dumpling has not quantified that figure.
Q: Who do you see as your most important customer? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumpling does not segregate customers, therefore all customers are important no matter if they purchase one or a dozen dumplings.
Q: Where are Eastern Rice Dumplings made? 
A: Eastern Rice Dumplings are made in the factory at Balestier Road, where tight quality control is observed and they are delivered to all the distribution channels over Singapore.
Q: What are people's habits of eating rice dumplings? 
 A: Rice dumplings are ideal for a convenient takeaway lunch or consumed as a snack, anytime of the day. At Eastern Rice Dumpling, we many different flavors to ensure our consumers receive a good variety. However, rice dumplings are traditional foods that celebrate the dumpling festival and during that period, consumers tend to purchase more dumplings.